Thank you for your contribution to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi

Thank you for your contribution to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi

Postby David Hoey WS » 02 Nov 2017, 15:57

Dear Experts,

We hope you have arrived home safely and have some wonderful memories from WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017. It was in many ways a great event with enjoyable and outstanding aspects to it. However, we also know the competitions preparation was challenging and the delivery of information and actual infrastructure did not meet the standards expected, and this caused significant issues in most skills competitions (before and especially in Abu Dhabi). We pride ourselves in giving our Competitors a once in a lifetime experience through skills competitions of the highest standards – this is our core business that everything we do is judged upon. We also focus on the Expert experience as being both a support and management one for running the competitions and for being a professional learning experience about your skill and industry demands and trends.

On behalf of WorldSkills and in our respective roles as a Board and CEO, we would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put into ensuring that the experience of our Competitors was not compromised, and that they were able to enjoy and demonstrate what they had all worked so hard to achieve. We acknowledge the burden this event created for you, and the long hours and challenging work this caused for you.

We unreservedly thank you for your dedication and hard work to ensure the success of the competitions. We would not have been able to achieve it without you and the Skills Management Teams, as well as the Workshop Managers working together. We also need to recognize and thank the Skills Management Teams and Workshop Managers for their tireless efforts, since they were equally affected by the late or non-delivery of infrastructure and workshop preparations.

We have already committed to improvements around the process and oversight management and relation with the Competition Organizer to ensure this situation will not happen again. We commit to ensuring you have a more fulfilling experience in two years’ time and are reviewing all aspects of the competition experience for you in the future. We welcome your feedback and recommendations to help us achieve this aim. In addition to the survey you complete as an Expert, please feel free to send any comments and recommendations to Cara McCormack (EA to the CEO, who will collate them for presentation to the Board and various committees focussed on competitions improvement.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of WorldSkills,
Simon and David

Simon Bartley
President WorldSkills

David Hoey
Chief Executive Officer WorldSkills
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